Coincoin Alane Delhaye
Roger Van der Weyden Bernard Pruvost
Rudy Carpentier Philippe Jore
L’Gros Julien Bodart
Maurice Leleu Christophe Verheecke
Jenny Alexia Depret
Eve Terrier Lucy Caron
Mme Leleu Marie-Josée Wlodarczack
L’oncle Danny Jason Cirot
D’nis Nicolas Leclaire
Corinne Priscilla Benoist


Director & Original script Bruno Dumont
Director of photography Guillaume Deffontaines
Editing Bruno Dumont, Basile Belkhiri
Sound Philippe Lecoeur
Director of production & post production Cédric Ettouati
Producers Jean Bréhat, Rachid Bouchareb & Muriel Merlin
Coproducer Taos Films, ARTE France
with Pictanovo with the support of Région Hauts-de-France & CNC in association with COFINOVA 14 with the support of CNC Création Visuelle et Sonore (aide sélective et allocation directe), PROCIREP-ANGOA, CINEMAGE 10 DEVELOPPEMENT, COFINOVA DEVELOPPEMENT 3, Le programme EUROPE CREATIVE – MEDIA de l’Union Européenne with the participation of TV5 MONDE, DOC & FILM INTERNATIONAL
ARTE France :  
Director of Fiction Olivier Wotling
Program Officer Adrienne Fréjacques
Technical & Artistic coordinator Odile CARRIÈRE
Administrator Marie-Pierre GRÉGOIRE
Publicist Grégoire HOH



Quinquin is now a grown-up and goes by the nickname CoinCoin. He hangs out on the Côte D’Opale and attends meetings of the Nationalist Party with his childhood friend Fatso. His old love, Eve, has abandoned him for Corinne.

When a strange magma is found near the town, the inhabitants suddenly start to behave very weirdly. Our two heroes, Captain Van Der Weyden and his loyal assistant Carpentier investigate these alien attacks.

The Extra-Human invasion has begun.

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